First Visit

All visits are performed in the patient’s home or on our mobile clinic. We are happy to address any questions you may have about your first house call.


Here are some general ways in which you can prepare for and an overview of what you can expect at your first visit:

  • When scheduling appointments, we provide a 30 min buffer to allow for traffic and other possible delays. If we arerunning late, we will always call as soon as possible to update you as to the estimated time of arrival
  • The first wellness visit for one pet typically lasts about 30 minutes. This provides sufficient time to obtain a thorough history, perform a comprehensive examination, present findings and recommendations, administer vaccines and/or treatments, and respond to questions or concerns. With multi-pet households, an additional 15 minutes is typically needed per pet as there tends to be some overlap in history and lifestyle and often pets are on similar vaccination schedules.
  • One of the most difficult, and stressful, aspects of taking your cat to a veterinary clinic is capturing he/she and placing him/her into a carrier. Because we come to your home and see your cat(s) inside your home, we eliminate the need for the carrier. However, if you know your cat is typically challenging to catch, likes to hide, and/or can be aggressive, we kindly recommend confining the cat to a small room or area to minimize stress. Bathrooms, even very small ones, are ideal for this purpose. They are typically well-lit and offer a flat surface (sink) on which to examine cats. If the cat is not very fearful and/or fractious, a table or kitchen counter can also work quite well for conducting examinations.
  • We will make appropriate recommendations based on your pet’s temperament so as to make the visit as relaxed as possible. For example, some pets are less anxious and/or guarded without their owner present during examination and treatment. We are very well versed in handling pets of many different personalities, including very scared and very assertive ones, and we approach each pet as an individual and tailor the visit accordingly.