How to Fix These Common Canine Behavior Problems

Tearing up the house when left alone, soiling your clean carpets, pulling on the leash, jumping up on visitors, digging, chewing, and other destructive behaviors are concerns for every dog owner. While we love their rambunctious energy, it takes a lot of training and reinforcement of positive behaviors to help your dog feel secure and understand the behaviors you expect from them. With the right solutions, however, you’ll be able to rein in your dog’s energy and teach some very important manners that’ll help him or her live a happy, well-adjusted life.

Top 3 Canine Behavior Problems and How to Fix Them

1. Excessive Barking

If your dog keeps you up at night or has your neighbors complaining about noise whenever you leave the house, then your dog might have a barking problem. The first step in addressing your dog’s barking is to figure out what kind of barking it is. Identifying whether it’s territorial, alarm-barking, or another reason (see the ASPCA’s complete list) will determine how you need to approach training.

2. Chewing

Like barking, dogs chew, dig, and destroy their surroundings for various reasons and the first step is to figure out if your dog is bored, stressed, has excessive energy, or might be suffering from separation anxiety. Try increasing playtime with your dog to help him or her expend more energy. Keep plenty of dog-friendly toys around your house and reward your pup when he or she chooses to play with them.

Remember that puppies chew because they’re teething. In this case, try to provide them with plenty of chew toys and encourage them to focus on those rather than on your loafers.

3. Aggression

Aggression can occur as a result of poor socialization during puppyhood, but it also may signify that your pet has an underlying health issue. Start with a checkup, especially if the aggressive behavior is uncharacteristic.

Rule Out Medical Concerns First

Before getting upset with your dog’s behavior, schedule a physical examination. Behavior changes and unwanted behaviors, such as aggression or house soiling, can indicate an underlying medical issue. It’s always best to rule out the possibility that your pet is sick before focusing your attention solely on training.

Schedule a Checkup and Behavior Consultation with Signature Veterinary Services

If your pet has been acting up recently or has a bad habit that you haven’t been able to train them out of, then we encourage you to schedule an appointment with our mobile team at Signature Veterinary Services, serving pets in San Diego, Orange, and Riverside Counties. We can help you investigate possible underlying medical problems that could be contributing to behavior issues, and also provide you with useful resources and advice for correcting your pet’s unwanted behaviors. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.