New Pet Owner Consultations

Acquiring a pet isn’t a small decision, especially as a first time owner. Prospective pet owners have many factors and variables to consider as they look to add a furry member to the family. If you plan to add a new dog or cat to your household, we strongly recommend scheduling a consultation with a veterinarian at Signature Veterinary Services .

What to Expect During a New Pet Owner Consultation

Pet Selection

When it comes to choosing a pet, selecting the appropriate species and breed for your lifestyle and family is imperative. Breed selection is also very important; breeds vary in their temperament, nutritional and activity requirements as well as their health issues and conditions.

Introduction Advice

When it comes to introducing a new pet to your home, family, and additional household pets, planning is crucial. We’ll provide guidance on how to introduce your new pet to current household members and also how to best acquaint your new addition with his or her new environment so as to minimize stress and facilitate a positive outcome.

Husbandry Considerations

Before bringing a new dog or cat home, you should be fully prepared to provide him or her with optimal care and nutrition including food and water, shelter, grooming, treats, toys, and other enrichment devices or activities.

Wellness Care

During a consultation, our veterinarians educate prospective pet owners on wellness care for dogs and cats. This discussion includes examination and vaccination schedule, parasite treatment and prevention, and pet identification (microchips) and insurance.

Behavior Counseling

Part of responsible pet ownership is providing pets with training and socialization so they behave in an acceptable manner.

Planning to Adopt a New Pet? Schedule an Online Veterinary Consultation

If you’re planning to introduce a new cat or dog into your home, we recommend consulting a veterinarian with an online appointment. Using the Anipanion App, Signature Veterinary Services’ clients receive expert veterinary advice on new pet introduction and ownership while enjoying the convenience of a virtual visit. To learn more or schedule an appointment, we welcome you to contact us today.