In-Home Veterinary Hospice

Throughout a cat’s or dog’s life, veterinary care typically focuses on wellness and preventive services, aiming to prevent or to treat and cure medical problems. When a pet has an injury or disease that’s no longer treatable, it’s appropriate to begin hospice care. Veterinary hospice, also referred to as end of life care, shifts the focus from curing a disease or recovering from injury to maintaining comfort and the highest quality of life possible until a pet reaches his or her final moments.
Our team at Signature Veterinary Services will help you make the best decisions for your pet during this difficult life stage and provide palliative care to ensure your pet’s comfort..

End of Life Care for Dogs and Cats

When a terminally ill or injured patient enters hospice care, our veterinary team will shift our focus from cure to comfort. During hospice, we provide the following end of life veterinary services.
Palliative care aims to keep your pet comfortable and free of anxiety by managing pain and regulating body temperature, hydration, and nutrition. These treatments help to mitigate suffering, extend a pet’s final days, and they allow a pet to remain at home with family rather than be hospitalized during these precious moments.

Convenient, Stress-Free Mobile and Online Veterinary Hospice Care

Throughout a pet’s life and especially near the end, happiness and comfort are top priorities. Signature Veterinary Services eliminates the stress of visiting the vet by providing clients with the option of mobile veterinary care and telemedicine appointments available via the Anipanion app.
As a pet approaches his or her final moments, health can shift rapidly. With easy online veterinary appointments through the Anipanion App, our veterinarians can check in on you and monitor your pet’s condition. These assessments allow us to adjust care recommendations and provide ongoing guidance. If additional care is needed, we’ll travel to your home so your pet can remain calm and relaxed in his or her own environment.
To learn more about how Anipanion and mobile appointments can help enhance your pet’s comfort in hospice care, we welcome you to contact us today.