Nutrition Consultations

The food and treats you offer your cat or dog lay the foundation for his or her health. Our experienced veterinarians at Signature Veterinary Services are here to help! Whether you schedule an at-home consultation or an online appointment with our Anipanion App, we can ensure your pet receives the appropriate diet and supplements to optimize his or her health and longevity.

Why It's Important to Get Your Pet's Nutrition Right

Inappropriate brands, formulations, calories, and ingredients can lead to health problems or interfere with management of chronic conditions. Common conditions that are tied to nutrition include:
Selecting the best food, treats, and dietary supplements can be challenging given the overwhelming number of choices as well as the way in which the diets are marketed and labeled. Knowing which brands and varieties to select is difficult without an expert’s advice.

Nutritional Recommendations Based on Your Individual Pet

No one variety or brand of food, treat, or dietary supplement is going to be the best choice for every cat or dog. Each pet has different nutritional needs, and those needs change throughout a pet’s lifes. For example, puppies and kittens have very different requirements than senior pets do.
Our veterinarians provide nutritional recommendations based on each pet’s age, breed, activity level, and health conditions. We also use nutritional recommendations as a powerful preventive tool for pets who are predisposed to developing certain conditions due to their breed or medical history.

Schedule a Nutritional Consultation for Your Pet Today

With telemedicine appointments and at-home consultations, getting veterinarian-recommended dietary plans has never been easier. With a virtual or house call visit with Signature Veterinary Services, we’ll devise a personalized nutritional plan for your pet.