Surgical Procedures

At Signature Veterinary Services, we strive to provide our patients with comprehensive veterinary care at their own homes. We’re proud to offer the convenience of minor, outpatient surgeries performed in our state-of-the-art mobile surgical suite. We exercise every precaution and go to great measures to minimize the stress associated with surgery for both you and your pet. Our veterinarians are experienced and knowledgeable; they utilize the safest protocols and techniques to ensure an optimal outcome.

Veterinary Surgeries Available by House Call Appointment

Our mobile clinic provides a variety of minor surgeries including:


Spay and neuter procedures are two of the most commonly performed pet surgeries, and we recommend them for all pets that aren’t intended for breeding.

Mass Removals

We remove many different types of growths and tumors, whether they are benign and bothersome or malignant and invasive. Some can be removed under heavy sedation with local anesthesia while others require general anesthesia. If indicated, we submit samples for biopsy analysis.

Laceration Repair

Dog fights, or other injuries, often result in cuts requiring surgical repair. We treat and manage a variety of wounds, including any ongoing bandage changes that may be warranted.
In addition, we also offer airway surgeries for brachycephalic (short-faced) breeds, eyelid surgeries, and bladder surgery on a case-by-case basis. We refer to local specialists for more involved procedures and/or those requiring hospitalization.

What to Expect Before, During, and After Your Pet's Surgery

Prior to your pet’s surgical appointment, we’ll provide you with instructions regarding medication administration as well as food and water restriction.
During the procedure, our primary objectives are to keep your pet safe and comfortable. All pets are sedated prior to general anesthesia and have an intravenous catheter placed. While under anesthesia, vital signs, blood pressure, oxygenation, and temperature are continuously and closely monitored and your pet receives fluid and heat support.
We’ll continue to closely monitor your pet in the recovery period and ensure proper pain control. Upon discharge into your home, we will provide detailed aftercare instructions, dispense appropriate medications, and schedule any follow-up care that may be needed.

A Sophisticated Surgical Suite Paired with the Convenience of a Mobile Clinic

Any trip to a traditional animal hospital can be stressful for pets and their owners. With the convenience of mobile surgical care, you can avoid this unnecessary burden. We bring a highly qualified veterinary team and a sophisticated surgical set-up to your doorstep.

Learn More About Our Mobile Veterinary Surgery Services

Signature Veterinary Services provides pet patients in Orange, San Diego, and Riverside Counties with a variety of surgical services in the convenience of our mobile surgical suite. Our experienced veterinary team partners with you to determine the best approach, from pre-surgical planning to post-operative care. For more information about the surgical services provided by Signature Veterinary Services, we welcome you to contact us today.