Behavior Consultations

Unwanted or unmanageable behaviors are some of the most common reasons pets are relinquished. These behaviors can also make it challenging for owners to seek and obtain veterinary care for their difficult pets. With appropriate interventions, these unwanted behaviors can be curbed. At Signature Veterinary Services, we offer behavior counseling appointments to address problematic behaviors.

How You and Your Pet Can Benefit from a Behavior Consultation

During behavior consultations, our veterinarians are able to evaluate your home environment, and in doing so, often experience or visualize the problems first-hand. Our comprehensive approach entails a medical work-up for your pet to ensure unwanted behaviors are not secondary and/or related to underlying health issues. Common behavioral complaints include separation anxiety, noise phobias, self-mutilation, aggression, and excessive/increased vocalization. Whether we implement husbandry changes, incorporate supplements and/or medications, and/or refer to reputable trainers and veterinary behaviorists, we work closely with pet owners to customize a strategy that is appropriate for the individual pet.

Why It's Important to Consult a Veterinarian about Your Pet's Behavior Problems

Behavior problems, especially those that arise unexpectedly or those that cause you and your pet distress, could signify deeper health concerns. Since pets cannot directly communicate when they’re sick or in pain, sometimes the only way to detect an underlying health problem is when a pet’s behavior changes.
If you notice any disruptions in your pet’s normal routine or you observe sudden behavior changes, we recommend scheduling an appointment with Signature Veterinary Services.

Virtual Veterinary Appointments and House-Call Behavior Consultations

Signature Veterinary Services is proud to provide our clients and patients with convenient, stress-free veterinary care right outside their homes or any place they have an internet connection. Our veterinarians offer behavior consultations at our patient’s homes or via telemedicine with the Anipanion App. For more information, we welcome you to contact us today.