Why Adopting a Senior Pet Is the Best

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, but at Signature Veterinary Services, we think that every month is the perfect month for adopting a senior pet because they’re amazing. Sure, everyone loves puppies and kittens; they’re so cute! But senior dogs and cats have a lot to offer, too, and they’re actually a much better choice for many new pet parents.

5 Reasons Why Adopting a Senior Pet Is the Best

1. They're (Usually) Already Trained

Senior pets have already been around the block, so to speak. They already know what humans expect from them in terms of behavior. Most of them know their manners, know how to walk on a leash, and are already housebroken.
As a result, your flooring and furniture will stay intact, and you won’t have to do so much work to socialize and train your new pet.

2. They Require Less Pet-Proofing and Monitoring

Senior pets have WAY less energy than puppies and kittens. You likely won’t come home to find that an older pet has tipped over all of your plant pots, climbed the curtains, or gotten into any other form of trouble.
While you should still make sure that all toxic substances or potentially dangerous objects are out of your new pet’s reach, you will not need to do nearly as much work to pet-proof your home for an older pet as you would when bringing home a pet that has yet to mature.

3. Fewer Surprises

Puppies and kittens are blank slates that could wind up with any number of developmental health problems as they grow. When you adopt a senior pet, you will already know what you’re getting yourself into, in terms of your new pet’s veterinary care and at-home healthcare needs.

4. They've Already Developed Personalities

An older pet’s personality is already finished developing, too. This means you’ll be well aware of your new pet’s demeanor before you bring them home, ensuring you pick a pet that will be a good fit for your lifestyle and everyone in your household.

5. All Pets Deserve a Second Chance

As people readily fall in love with puppies and kittens, older pets are often overlooked in animal shelters, but they need homes, too. Plus, senior pets will be snuggly, appreciative, and very happy to be returning to a loving, comfortable home.

New Pet Appointments With Our Mobile Veterinary

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