Dog Beach Safety Tips & Tricks

It’s summer and the prime beach-going season has arrived. Naturally, you want your dog to get in on the fun, too! So, consider the following beach safety tips for dogs to make sure your entire family – furry members included – stay safe while having fun at the beach.

5 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe at the Beach

1. Make Sure Your Dog Likes the Beach

Not all dogs love sand, and not all dogs are natural swimmers. Before taking your dog out for a whole day at the beach, make a quick stop to see if your dog likes the sand and enjoys splashing in the water. If not, then you’ll know it’s best to leave your pet at home for your beach day.

2. Beware of Leash-Free Beaches

While you should always make sure you take your dog to dog-friendly beaches where pets are allowed, it’s not always advisable to visit beaches that don’t require leashes. Just like dog parks aren’t always the safest place for your dog, you might encounter aggressive dogs at the beach.
Instead, bring an extra-long leash to a dog-friendly beach that requires dogs to be on a leash at all times.

3. Provide Fresh Water and Shade

Although the ocean’s right there, try to keep your dog from drinking the salty water. Make sure you pack enough fresh water to keep you and your pet hydrated for the whole day. Additionally, you should bring some sort of shelter to provide shade so that your dog has a place to retreat when the sun is overhead and at its hottest.

4. Prevent Sunburn

If your dog has had a haircut or naturally has a short coat, you’ll need to prevent sunburn with a dog-friendly, chemical-free sunscreen. Lather it all over your dog’s body, paying close attention to places like the ears and snout where skin will be even more exposed to the sun.

5. Rinse Off

Sand and salt from the ocean water get trapped in your dog’s coat and can irritate his/her skin, leading to dermatological problems. Always thoroughly rinse your pet with fresh water after a day at the beach.

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