Essential Tips for Caring for Senior Pets to Celebrate Adopt a Senior Pet Month

November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month, and we like to use the opportunity by raising awareness about the joy of caring for an elder pet in addition to providing essential tips for optimal senior pet care.

5 Tips for Taking Excellent Care of Your Senior Pet

1. More Frequent Checkups and Health Screenings

By age 7 dogs and cats are considered seniors, and this means they should have more frequent veterinary exams and health screenings. These exams make it possible for us to proactively detect, diagnose, and treat age-related illnesses rather than waiting until they cause your pet painful or life-threatening symptoms and/or are less successfully managed.

2. Dietary Adjustments

Senior pets benefit from a diet formulated specifically for them. These formulas typically contain slightly fewer calories to help with weight management in addition to a host of additional nutrients that can help to address age-related health concerns.

3. Exercise Modifications

Senior pets still want to play and need to stay active. However, you might need to modify their physical activities. Swimming is an excellent, low-impact activity for aging pets. Additionally, for joint health, we recommend taking more frequent short walks during the day instead of a single long walk.

4. Environmental Changes

You can also help your senior pet feel more comfortable by making some changes around your home. Provide them with elevated food and water bowls to reduce pressure on their joints. Additionally, invest in an orthopedic pet bed as well as stairs to help your pet get up onto the sofa, bed, or into the car.

5. Stress Reduction With Mobile Veterinary Care

Visiting the veterinary clinic can be a highly stressful experience and this stress can have adverse effects on your pet’s health. When senior pets require more frequent checkups, this can be even more difficult to contend with. That’s why we recommend mobile veterinary care for all pets, especially seniors. With mobile veterinary care, we bring the clinic to your doorstep, providing your pet with all the care they need at the comfort of their home.

Mobile Veterinary Care in Carlsbad, California

Signature Veterinary Services is a mobile veterinary clinic providing comprehensive care to pets living in and around Carlsbad, California. To learn more about establishing your pet’s care with our mobile veterinary clinic or to schedule an appointment for your senior pet, we welcome you to contact us today.