Pet Safety Tips for a Halloween That's 100% Treats

The spookiest season has arrived. With it comes loads of fall fun and festivities. However, not everything that comes with celebrating Halloween is fun – or safe – for our pets. So, consider the following tips to make sure this Halloween is 100% treats for your whole family, furry friends included.

5 Halloween Pet Safety Tips

1. Store Treats Safely

Most Halloween candy and treats are unsafe and even toxic for our pets. Any treats containing chocolate, xylitol (artificial sweetener), raisins, and certain nuts are poisonous for pets. Keep treats safely away from your pets and contact a local emergency veterinarian or ASPCA Animal Poison Control immediately if your pet has eaten anything toxic.

2. Beware of Dangerous Decor

Fake blood and glow sticks contain toxic chemicals. Bouncing eyeballs and plastic spiders pose a choking risk. Candle flames can burn. Fake cobwebs can entangle or strangulate animals, and string lights can cause electrocution. Be mindful of your pets when you put up your decorations.

3. Choose a Costume Wisely

It’s fun to dress up our pets for Halloween; they just look so adorable! However, your pets might not find it as cute. Make sure you choose a costume that will be comfortable for your pet and remove any embellishments that could pose a choking hazard for your pet. Never leave your pet unattended when they’re in a costume.

4. Keep Your Pets Secure

There’s a higher threat on Halloween for cats who are left outside, but all animals are in increased danger on all hallow’s eve because they can easily become frightened of trick-or-treaters and run away.
Keep your pets safely secured indoors, away from all the festivities and excitement. This will reduce their stress and ensure they stay safe.

5. Make Sure Your Pet Has Reliable Identification

Frightened pets who are kept securely indoors still have a risk of running away by either escaping out the door when you open it for a trick-or-treater or by breaking out a window screen. Make sure your contact information on your pet’s collar tags and associated with their microchip number is up to date.

Schedule a Microchipping Appointment With Signature Veterinary Services

If your pet does not yet have a microchip, we strongly encourage you to get one. The procedure is quick and nearly painless for pets, similar to receiving a vaccination. To learn more or schedule a house call appointment to have your pets microchipped before Halloween, we welcome you to contact our mobile veterinary clinic today.