Pet Safety for Celebrating New Years

It’s a brand-new year! In order to ring in the New Year well, it’s imperative to keep your pet safe during celebrations. Consider the following safety tips for pets on New Year’s Eve.

5 New Year's Eve Pet Safety Tips

1. Get a Pet Microchip

We strongly encourage everyone to microchip their pets. While collars and ID tags are important, microchips greatly increase the chances of being reunited if a pet becomes lost or stolen.
With all of the fireworks, unusual activity, and noise of New Year’s Eve celebrations, it’s not uncommon for pets to become frightened and escape their yards and houses. Be sure your pet has a microchip – just in case.

2. Keep Your Pet Indoors

It’s just as important to also keep your pet inside on New Year’s Eve. Whether you’ll be home or away, your pet should be safe and secure inside your home since it is easy for pets to break (or dig) out of yards when they are scared.

3. Create a Quiet Space for Pets

You can help your pet have a better start to the new year by making a space inside your home where they can peacefully enjoy the evening. This is especially important if you will be entertaining or throwing a party in your house. Make sure your pets are secure in a closed-off room where they have everything they need and the television on or calming music playing to drown out scary noises.

4. Keep Treats and Drinks Away From Pets

Alcohol and many festive foods are poisonous for pets. Do not leave drinks or treats unattended in your home.

5. Make a New Year's Resolution for Your Pet

Celebrate the new year with your pet by making a pet-friendly resolution. You can resolve to go for more walks, learn a new trick, spend more time playing, or get a little more time snuggling on the sofa.

Pet Health for the New Year With Our Mobile Veterinary Clinic in San Diego County

Don’t forget to schedule your pet’s wellness and preventative care appointment this year! It’s important for your pet to get examined regularly and screened for early signs of disease in addition to keeping their vaccinations and parasite preventatives up to date. To learn more about wellness care for pets and everything our mobile veterinary clinic has to offer, we welcome you to contact Signature Veterinary Services today.