Modern technology can bring you the world with the touch of a button. As an established patient of Signature Veterinary Services, technology can also bring your pet convenient and accessible medical care anywhere you have cellular service or an internet connection. We use telemedicine to enhance and expedite care for our existing patients.

Telemedicine improves communication with clients and enhances follow up care for patients. In addition, virtual visits augment our ability to diagnose and treat patients and educate pet owners. Whether you’re too busy to schedule an in-person appointment or are away from home with your pet, telemedicine brings quality pet care to you!

What Is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is medical care that’s facilitated via phone, email, text, or video call. At Signature Veterinary Services, we use the Anipanion virtual care application to deliver our telemedicine services. This convenient and secure app is simple to download and allows us to provide our patients and clients with the best virtual care experience possible.
Using Anipanion, our veterinarians provide patient care via video call or messaging, allowing clients to speak directly with a veterinarian whenever and wherever it’s convenient to do so. To facilitate a recheck of an existing condition or triage a new problem, clients can easily send pictures or videos and describe their pet’s condition using the app.

Anipanion is great for...

Surgery Rechecks
Behavior Checkups
Diet & Nutrition Consults
Chronic Care
Palliative Care
Hospice Care
Health Certificate

The All-In-One App For Pet Parents

Gain peace of mind by monitoring your pet’s health and activity.
Activity Tracking
Track your pet’s activity. Select from 20 activities, keep a daily log to uncover sudden or gradual behavioral changes.
Emotion Tracking
Select and add from 16 different emotions. Keep a track of what makes them happy, sad, anxious, excited and more.
Pet Health Resources
Get instant access to Anipanion Pet’s health guides on wellness, common pet illnesses, nutrition, behavior, and general activity.
You can instantly chat or have a video call with your medical team from the comfort of your own home or while you’re on the go!

Telemedicine Pricing

Behavior Consult
Health Certificate Consult
New Patient Consult
Existing Patient Recheck
of $75
Virtual Visit
15 Minute Video Call

Can Any Pet Have a Telemedicine Appointment?

While the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) encourages veterinarians to utilize the latest technologies to improve care for pets, they still require veterinarians to maintain high-quality practices that follow industry standards and to provide safe veterinary care.
In order to use telemedicine responsibly, veterinarians are allowed to practice telemedicine within their practice’s licensing state. With the exception of emergency situations, our veterinarians can only provide patient-specific care, treatments, and recommendations to pets with whom we have an established veterinary-client patient relationship (VCPR).
Signature Veterinary Services can legally provide services to existing patients with a current exam (within the past year). With Anipanion, we can easily approve prescription refills, perform a follow-up appointment, triage a sick patient, and answer any questions you might have regarding your pet.

Advanced Pet Care with Signature Veterinary Services

To make veterinary care convenient and stress-free for you and your pet, we offer telemedicine services on a case-by-case basis to our established patients. Depending on your pet’s condition, symptoms, and whether diagnostic tests are needed, we might still recommend an in-person appointment on our mobile clinic.

With Signature Veterinary Services, pets receive advanced routine care and emergency advice in the stress-free environment of their own homes. To learn more about telemedicine or to establish your pet’s care with our team, contact us today.