There are ways you can keep your pet healthy no matter the season like getting your pet regular vaccinations and providing the proper nutrition. Certain seasons, however, such as the rainy season present additional health concerns that you can use the following tips to prevent and ensure your pet stays healthy while the weather is extra wet.

6 Ways to Keep Your Pet Healthy During the Rainy Season

1. Stay Dry

To prevent skin and coat problems such as dryness and infections, towel dry your pet after any time spent outside in rainy, wet weather. Prevent their coat from getting thoroughly soaked outdoors with high-quality rain gear. Just be sure not to leave your pet unattended while wearing a raincoat, as clothing items can be dangerous for pets.

2. Exercise Inside

The rainy season often prevents pet parents from taking the same long walks with their pets outside as they normally would. Make sure your pet continues to stay active and get exercise indoors if it’s too rainy to venture out.

3. Prevent Parasites

Disease-carrying parasites like fleas and ticks proliferate during the rainy season, so keeping your pet protected with a safe and effective parasite preventative is more important than ever.

4. Keep Paws Clean

Your pet’s paws are susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections – even more so during the rainy season when it’s easy for them to pick up these things in the mud. Be sure to wash your pet’s paws with warm water and pat them dry after every trip outside. You can also protect your pet’s paws with specially designed rain booties for dogs.

5. Check Ears

Wet weather often leaves pets’ ears more moist than normal. This puts them at risk for bacterial and fungal infections. Be sure to keep your pet’s ears clean and dry – especially, if your dog has floppy or folded ears.

6. Stay Calm During Storms

The rainy season brings lightning and thunder which can cause many pets anxiety. Create a safe space with white noise for your pet and be sure your pet is microchipped if you dare to go outside during a thunderstorm.

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