Winter might not bring feet of snow to sunny San Diego, but it does bring precipitation and generally drier air inside and outside. As a result, your pet’s skin can become dry, itchy, flaky, inflamed, and downright uncomfortable. Plus, excessive scratching can lead to cuts, skin infections, and other problems.
To keep your pet’s skin and coat healthy throughout the winter, consider the following tips.

6 Tips to Protect Your Pet's Skin During Winter

1. Stay Dry

When your pet’s skin is dry, you might think more moisture is better. Water, however, strips your pet’s coat and skin of the natural oils that keep it conditioned and protected from the elements. After playing in the rain or splashing at the beach, be sure to dry your dog off right away.

2. Brush Frequently

Brushing cleans your pet’s coat of dirt, debris, and parasites, while also helping to remove dry or dead skin cells as the brushing distributes natural oils throughout the pet’s coat. As a result, your pet won’t be quite as itchy, won’t scratch as much, and will enjoy healthier skin.

3. Limit Baths

Once again, less water is better during the winter. Most pets’ coats are actually somewhat self-cleaning, so unless your pet takes a roll in the mud, we recommend skipping the baths in the winter and focusing on regular brushing, instead.

4. Use Conditioning Shampoos

If you do give your pet a bath during the winter, always use a shampoo that is also conditioning and moisturizing. Pick a pet-safe formulation that includes a natural moisturizing ingredient like lanolin that will soothe your pet’s skin and protect it from the weather.

5. Run a Humidifier

If your home’s particularly dry from running a heater, then a humidifier will help your dog’s skin and coat.

6. Provide the Right Nutrients

Make sure your pet is eating enough Omega 3 fatty acids with well-balanced pet food or by giving them pet-safe nutritional supplements.

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To find out if your pet could benefit from a dietary supplement during the winter or year-round, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with a housecall veterinarian. With Signature Veterinary Services, we bring all the care your pets need right to your doorstep, so you can avoid the stress and difficulties associated with transporting your pet to a veterinary clinic for care.
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