New Year's Resolutions for You and Your Pet

It’s tough to believe, but 2021 is on its way out, and 2022 is approaching swiftly. If you’ve been too busy keeping up with the hustle and bustle of the holidays to think about your New Year’s resolutions, we have a list of resolution ideas that are perfect for you and your pet. Pick one or keep them all!

7 New Year's Resolutions You Can Keep With Your Pet

1. Always Measure Your Pet's Portions

Pet obesity is a serious problem, and it’s on the rise. It can lead to a whole host of health problems that can reduce a pet’s quality of life and shorten your pet’s lifespan. A healthy weight starts with a healthy, properly portioned diet. Keep a resolution to measure your pet’s food at every feeding, and make it easy by keeping a measuring cup in your pet’s food container.

2. Get More Exercise

Another way to combat obesity while promoting general good health for both you and your pet is to get more exercise together. Head out for more daily walks – or finally, get in a routine of walking every day. Just be sure to start slowly and work your way up to longer, faster, more strenuous activities, especially if you and your pet have been rather sedentary as of late.

3. Learn Pet First Aid

Find a local pet first aid class that could save your pet’s or another pet’s life during an emergency. You can learn how to treat wounds and administer CPR to dogs and cats.

4. Learn New Tricks

Sign yourself and your pet up for some obedience classes to improve your skills working together while enriching both of your lives. In addition to learning some new tricks, you both might make some new friends, too.

5. Play More

Play is important for the mental health of pets. Make a point to pick up some new, exciting toys and schedule some playtime with your pets indoors or outdoors.

6. Update Identification

Make sure that your pet’s ID tags are readable and that the information is current. Also, take a moment to log in to your pet’s microchip provider to make sure your subscription is paid and your pet’s information is current. If your pet doesn’t have a microchip yet, we strongly encourage you to schedule a microchipping appointment.

7. Schedule an Annual Checkup With Our Mobile Veterinarian

Finally, don’t forget to schedule your pet’s annual wellness and preventative care appointment with Signature Veterinary Services!