Please utilize this form for all prescription medications to be filled or refilled, through an outside pharmacy. Please review the following information before proceeding.

We must have examined your pet within the last year, at minimum, to approve a prescription request. Additionally, many medications require blood work monitoring every 6-12 months. Lapsed exams and/or monitoring will result in delayed approval or your request to be declined. 


Please verify your outside pharmacy of choice has the medication in the form, strength/dose, and quantity as prescribed (written). Most human pharmacies do not carry pet-specific medications and regular pharmacies do not compound medications. 


We encourage you to use our partner pharmacy Covetrus to order prescription products that we do not carry in-house and/or to  refill your pet’s medications. If you wish to order a medication through our partner pharmacy Covetrus, please request the medication directly through their platform; you do not need to complete this form.

Benefits to utilizing our partner pharmacy Covetrus include: we receive timely notifications for all client prescription requests through their easy-to-use online platform; medications are delivered to your door; orders can be set on Auto-Ship to avoid running out of medications; and, we have the ability to help you place and track your orders. We have full visibility of Covetrus’ product line which means we can quickly direct you to available options for the medication(s) we are recommending based on the dose, strength, and quantity most appropriate for your pet. Covetrus also offers compounding services, which enables us to prescribe medications in different formulations and flavors to facilitate administration.

We handle prescription requests in the order they are received. Please allow us 2 business days (48 hours) to review and process all prescription requests. Once a request has been approved by our doctors, you will be emailed a written prescription to submit directly to your pharmacy of choice. Some pharmacies do not accept electronic prescriptions and will need to call us directly to approve the request. Controlled substances will require a written prescription with a wet signature and must be picked up from our office. We reserve the right to assess an administrative fee for mailing written prescriptions. Written prescriptions for controlled substances will not be mailed or emailed; they must be picked up.

Please be advised that while we review and process prescription requests within 2 business days of their receipt, we do not control the amount of time that elapses before an outside pharmacy contacts us nor do we control how quickly or slowly an outside pharmacy fills and/or ships a medication following our approval.

Expedited prescription processing is subject to additional fees. If you are in urgent (same business day), or after-hours, need of a medication refill for your pet, please download and utilize our telemedicine app Anipanion Pet for assistance. Click here for instructions on how to download Anipanion Pet on your smartphone. The app will directly connect you with a doctor to review your prescription request.

After reviewing and acknowledging the above information, please complete the fields below to proceed with requesting prescription fulfillment through an outside pharmacy. Missing information may result in delays in prescription approval.

    Client and Patient Information

    Prescription Information